Feotel Doppler BF-500 Pocket

Name BF-500A Foetal Doppler FHR Detector
Function It can detect the Fetal heart, LCD display FHR, Built-in modem, can dial-up directly, can transmit the FHR signal to the monitor centre via a telephone line, it’s used for detecting the fetal heart at hospital, clinic, family.
Technology Ultrasonic frequency –  2.0MHz ±10%Power – 9.6V rechargeable batteryUltrasonic intensity: ≤5Mw/cm2
Working Temperature – 10oC – 40 oC
Work Time – 5 hours
Turn Off Auto 3 minutes.
Unit Weight 300 grams
Packaging Size: 20.7cm*16.8cm*7.1cm
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