Agar Agar 500g , 1kg , 5kg , 10kg , 25kg

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Agar Agar

Agar Agar Food Grade available in : 500g , 1kg , 5kg , 10kg , 25kg

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Agar Agar is used as 100% vegetarian substitute for Gelatin (manufactured from animal bones and skin) in the food industry. The usage is fast gaining ground due to the worldwide shift for products of vegetable origin. Agar Agar has been used for many centuries as high performance gelling agent.

Its ability to produce clear colourless, odourless, and natural gels without the support of other colloids has long been exploited by the food industry as a stabilizing and gelling agent. Agar Agar gels at 34°C to 42°C and melts at

80°C to 98°C. This unmatched natural hysteresis offers a definite advantage particularly with regard to the shelf life of food preparations.


Agar can also be used as a coagulator; thickening agent, emulsifier and stabilizer in the manufacture of confectioneries like gums, caramels, marshmallows etc.


The transparency and taste of the soft candy will become better if 0.8 -1.5% Agar Agar is added.


Agar Agar is used in dairy based products like yoghurts, ice-creams, mousses, chocolate milks, custard tarts, custards etc. incorporation takes place at pasteurization stage. It is considered as a cost effective stabilizer for dairy products where water retention is of importance. It can also be mixed with other colloids to improve their final texture.


Agar is used as a thickening agent in low calorie marmalades, jams, processed meat products, bakery fillings, icings, prepared soups, ice-creams, etc. and as a gelation agent in doughnuts, low calorie marmalades, jams, jelly candy, fruit yogurts, acidified creams, cheese, puddings, custards, flans, fruit desserts, whipped fruit pulp, etc. Agar can also be used in spreadable products like honey, butter, peanut butter, jam products like honey butter, peanut butter, jam products (Substitution of pectin to decrease sugar level).

MEAT & HAMAdding 2% Agar Agar can form gel that can adhere effectively to scrap meat.


Agar Agar provides crickets and other feeder insects with a safe, clean water source in a convenient gel form. This easy-to-use formula eliminates many of the problems associated with traditional watering methods, such as the formation of deadly bacteria and loss through drowning. Due to its unique characteristics, Agar has gained tremendous importance in the field of cricket farming.

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