About Us

Established in 2014 in the heart of South Africa, Cleansafe Labs has evolved with a vision to cater to a growing customer base both locally and internationally. Our journey has been one of steady growth, offering a diverse array of products designed to meet the unique needs of our customers. We pride ourselves on being responsive to customer feedback, consistently identifying and addressing their requirements through our dynamic online platform.

As a frontrunner in the online market, Cleansafe Labs boasts a vast product portfolio, ensuring each customer receives a personalized solution. Our commitment to efficient service is reflected in swift delivery options throughout South Africa and beyond. Additionally, for added convenience, customers can arrange collection through their preferred courier service with prior coordination.

Crafted from top-tier materials, our products exemplify quality, contributing to our standing as a one-stop-shop for diverse customer needs. We take pride in serving a wide range of industries, including private entities, hospitals, doctors' offices, laboratories, corporate first aid, educational institutions, shopping centers, and more.
At Cleansafe Labs, our dedication to product quality, exemplary customer service, and competitive pricing sets us apart. We extend our gratitude to all our clients and anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with you.

While our online platform showcases a selection of our offerings, our extensive inventory goes beyond what you see. We continually expand our product range based on customer requests, so be sure to revisit our online store for exciting promotions and new additions, all delivered conveniently to your doorstep.

For information and quotes not found on the website, please feel free to reach out to us. We are committed to demonstrating why Cleansafe Labs is a leader in the industry. Thank you for considering us—we look forward to the prospect of working together.